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Ideas For Every Backyard

Ideas For Every Backyard by myCAREexpert
Ideas For Every Backyard by myCAREexpert


Backyard ideas that will add style, functionality and value to your home.


It’s time to prepare for summer!  Outdoor patios and living spaces will soon be occupied with people hosting neighborhood barbecues and various social gatherings. That also means that prospective homebuyers will be looking to take advantage of homes that are adequately prepared to host an outdoor event. So whether you are a homeowner or a rehabber, the summer months offer the perfect opportunity to upgrade your backyard.

It has become increasingly difficult to distinguish lavish interior living spaces from functional outdoor lounges. The lines that once separated the two are now nothing more than a nostalgic memory. Homeowners, now more than ever, are looking to incorporate indoor elements into their backyard designs. In fact, functional outdoor living spaces have gone from a luxurious amenity to a must-have in today’s homes. It is no coincidence that comfortable, outdoor lounge spaces have made the list of top backyard trends for 2016.

Whether you are a homeowner looking to create your own private retreat, or a rehabber trying to increase a property’s resale value, outdoor lounges can generate a lot of appeal. Outdoor lounge space has proven, time and time again, to help increase property values and investor spreads. Even adding something as simple as a wooden deck can retain value at resale.  

However, it is no longer enough to stop there. The deck or patio needs to feel like an extension of the interior. That means it must boast comfortable furniture that looks like it belongs inside, but can also withstand the elements it will be subjected to. The addition of a wall-mounted flat screen TV and a cozy fireplace will also go a long way in helping you bring the indoors outside. Of course, pay close attention to the weather patterns in your area, and make sure each addition is equipped to handle the outdoor elements.  At the very least, an outdoor lounge will maximize your home’s functional living space.

Now we have research that shows that homebuyers will pay a premium for a nicely landscaped property, particularly one that features elements like an outdoor fireplace and finishes in stone or brick. The new mantra in home buying is location, location, landscape.”


Patio Covers

Adding a pergola or arbor to your outdoor space can protect you from the elements, giving you year-round access no matter the climate. Add space heaters and ceiling fans to make it even more inviting. Built-in is best, but if you're looking for a more affordable option, head for your local improvement or big box store, where a variety of hard- and soft-top options can easily transform your space and give you the coverage you want without having to hire a construction crew.


Water Features

The perfect backyard seamlessly blends indoor elements with those of the natural world around them. What better way do this than with the addition of a water feature?  Whether you are trying to reduce the noise coming from an obnoxious neighbor, recreating your favorite natural wonder, or just trying to harness the relaxing nature of your surroundings, the addition of a water feature is a great way to increase functionality and interest in your backyard. In fact, water features have been growing in popularity for years.

Water Feature

Landscaping Materials

The landscaping of a backyard can set its entire tone. Some yards can mimic lush, tropical rainforests, while others are equally impressive concrete landscapes. That said, landscaping is a very subjective concept, and is specific to each individual homeowner. There is really no correct way to landscape a yard that makes everyone happy. However, the concept of landscaping is not what is trending at the moment, but rather the materials being used.

One of the top backyard trends is large pavers. Stained and stamped concrete also remains popular as a way to achieve a high-end look that mimics stone for a minimal cost. Either way, landscapers are focusing on oversized paving elements.  Matching patio pavers to the style of your house creates continuity that boosts overall appearance and helps preserves value. Brick and manufactured pavers are traditional; natural stone is more country casual.


Less Lawn

Aside from pavers, homebuyers are increasingly turning to grass alternatives. With droughts continuing in many regions of the country, homeowners do not want to have to worry about the cost of maintaining a lawn. Want a picture-perfect lawn? Maybe fake grass is the answer.   It solves watering, weeding, and fertilizing woes. Synthetic grass for landscaping and recreation is growing 10% to 15% a year in the U.S.

Data suggests that water-conscious landscaping can use up to 50 percent less water than their conventional counterparts. Of course, the actual amount of water saved will vary based on the amount of turf removed, the type of plants installed, the irrigation system and the soil type. That said, it is important to landscape accordingly.

synthetic grass

More Trees

Trees are one of the few things that appreciate over time. Almost everything else depreciates the moment you install it. Experts say that younger is usually better when you’re planting trees, but if you’re selling within three to five years, you’ll need some size to get the full effect. The best size to buy is 8’ tall, 1-2” in diameter, sitting in a 15-gallon pot.


Full Outdoor Kitchen

From $15,000-$100,000, they include refrigerators, grills and sinks. The fancier the brand and the bigger the size make it today’s backyard status symbol.


Landscape lighting

Often called "Malibu lighting,” it runs on solar power and is easy to install. It shows off your garden at night, silhouettes your trees, keeps everyone safe from tripping and keeps burglars away.

landscape lighting

Irrigation System

If you don’t have the time or interest in watering yourself, consider an irrigation system to keep the backyard looking good. It’s expensive — at least $3,000 — but potential buyers will love it.

A ‘Year-Round’ Yard

Your yard can look leafless and drab in the winter months, but flowering shrubs, colored bark, ornamental grasses and colored berries all add color in the cold seasons. Hedges alone raise property values by 3.6 percent.

Make a five-year plan

Everything doesn’t have to happen all at once. Plantings mature at different rates, and you can add new features each year.

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  1. I LOVE some of these ideas! We have been looking for new ideas to redecorate our backyard. As of now, we have a concrete patio, that has a table and chairs set, and a grill. We also have a few nice looking bushes.

  2. Some great ideas here! My dad was a big garden/landscaping enthusiast, and I guess it rubbed off on me. Absolutely love looking at examples of nice backyards to get inspiration for use in my own.

  3. Fish are a great addition to a pond. Goldfish are easy to buy and care for, plus their waste fertilizes pond plants and they will eat any algae they find. They also make a pond more colorful and interesting, not to mention that they’re fun to feed and appeal to our inner child.
    When it comes to paving stones, I like a natural look. There are some really great finds at stone quarries, and a trip to the mountains or the desert can turn up a bag of stones that make a great border around a flowerbed or a outdoor fire pit.

    1. Goldfish are, of course, cheap and very easy to take care of, but I actually have koi in my pond! We got our koi for very cheap because we found a man who had a pond but no longer could take care of his fish, and they are the most beautiful fish may I add! The fish were a perfect addition to my three ponds! We had two giant koi in our one pond, and they loved each other and would follow each other around, but one died one day, and the other was heartbroken! We put one of the new koi into that pond, and the poor old koi found love again!

  4. I have always said that the more trees you have on the back of the house, the better it’s going to look like. I’ve always loved trees and even when I do not have one in my house, I definitely will have some once I buy my own house, which is going to be really soon.

  5. What superb ideas you have enumerated there! Thanks for sharing. I particularly like the thought of having an outdoor kitchen, landscape lighting or placing more trees on the backyard for better shade. They seem to be the least costly. I like it when my backyard has this “retreat atmosphere” so that whenever the daily grind gets the better of me, I just go ahead and hide there for refuge or to take a breather.

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