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California’s First Farm-to-Table Housing Development

California's First Farm-to-Table Housing Development by myCAREexpert
California's First Farm-to-Table Housing Development by myCAREexpert


If the idea of living in a solar-powered community with access to organic food grown in your own backyard sounds like paradise, you’ll love The Cannery!


The Davis area of California has long been known for its interest in sustainability and agriculture.  Now they have introduced California’s first farm-to-table housing development, called The Cannery.

Farm House

The Cannery is a 100-acre development located just one mile from downtown Davis and designed so that residents can easily and safely bike or walk to the city center.  The community boasts 547 units divided into 4 neighborhoods.  There are a mix of housing types from single-family homes to townhouses, surrounded by community areas and green space.  In fact, each home is no more than 300 feet from a park or open space.


The crown jewel of The Cannery is the 1,644 square foot Farm House that sits at the heart of the community.  The 7.4 acre working farm grows and sells food to its residents.  In addition to the locavore appeal, all of the homes in The Cannery come with their own 1.5kW solar system and can be upgraded for net-zero living.  Sustainable building materials and energy efficient technologies are featured throughout the community.  Each home is equipped with LED lighting, a tankless water heater, energy-saving fixtures, and pre-wired for EV charging.  Water conservation is paramount in California, and The Cannery uses non-potable water from an onsite agricultural well for irrigating landscaped areas along roadways and within open-space greenbelts, parks, and the Urban Farm.


Following the principles of New Urbanism, the development emphasizes walkability, access to retail and commercial centers, and community buildings.  There are a number of different price ranges and home options, including 60 units of affordable housing, and six distinct communities.  A 10-mile network of bike trails connects the different neighborhoods and extends out to the city.  Classes are available to residents to teach them about farming and sustainability to promote the lifestyle and vision of the community. 

TheCannery-Davis.jpg.838x0_q80 Ranch House-Community Room Ranch House-Pool
flip-heirloom-back AffordableHousing Single Family


The Cannery is a wonderful urban experiment and we hope to see many more communities modeled around the principles of local and sustainable agriculture.




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  1. I find this idea to be super cool and interesting. Along with a community centered towards local farming and conservation, you also get affordable housing with built-in conservation systems. This is very useful, and not just for California but in many other places too. Being able to buy fresh local grown produce as well is definitely a bonus cause now you don’t have to worry about buy factor made and inhumane produce. Although I feel they are looking for more of an audience of possible future farmers or people more interested in what they are standing for.

  2. I actually love this idea. I would most definitely enjoy being able to purchase fresh produce from a local area, rather than in a grocery store, not knowing where they even came from. They have very good intentions in mind! I wish more communities would do stuff like this.

  3. Wow, prices please!! I would love it. I’m staying in Walnut, CA and the backyard here has a huge pomegranate tree, a grapefruit tree, an apricot tree, a kumquat tree and the ever-present lemon tree. If I lived here, I would have a gardener come in and build pads so I could plant tomatoes, lettuce, squash, cucumbers, watermelons. This project sounds promising because whatever is not consumed by the residents can be sold to the general public. There should these kinds of projects in the urban areas where are small plots of land that are under utilized but would make perfect family gardens!

  4. These community vision of living is the most efficient and natural way of living. People will be living in a healthy community and they have dedicated that people walk or use bike through the community. It is so wonderful. I’d like this type of community to spread in the country.

    1. I agree! People nowadays are becoming more ad more conscious of their health and what they eat. Business that sell healthy food and drinks and gym owners are a lot more than before. We recently had a farm to table restaurant in the city and it has been a huge hit ever since. The prices might be a little expensive than the other restos, but customers feel that healthy food is worth the pay.

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