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Effortless And Affordable Interior Design

Effortless And Affordable Interior Design by myCAREexpert
Effortless And Affordable Interior Design by myCAREexpert


Meet the sisters who are completely upending the world of interior design.  If you’ve always dreamed of a professionally curated living space, now’s your chance!


Maybe you’re thinking about redecorating.  Maybe you’ve been thinking about it for years.  Maybe the mere sight of a color swatches and the mention of furniture styles sends you spiraling into a fit of cold sweats.  Whether you’re design challenged or just don’t have the time to sift through every imaginable fabric and color combo option, fear not!  A new interior design company based in Denver is here to lend a helping hand.

When Lee Mayer set out to furnish her new house in Denver after moving from New York City in 2013, she immediately ran into a dilemma: trying to decide what to put in it.  There were endless possible choices.  What kind of sofa to buy?  What color should it be?  Where should it go?  How will it match everything else in the room?  What other furniture is needed?  And where on earth to buy it?

Paralyzed with indecision, Mayer decided she needed professional help.  But hiring a traditional interior designer proved to be a challenge itself.  It’s hard enough finding a designer that matches your tastes, but most of the designers Mayer found were too expensive, or wouldn’t work with her because of her limited budget.  Mayer finally decided to go it alone, as most of us do, but she never felt the home was complete.

Inspired by her own decorating challenges, Mayer launched Havenly, a start-up she founded with her sister Emily Motayed that is now upending the world of interior design.  With their digital-based model, just about anyone can gain access to expert designers for a fraction of the cost of hiring a traditional decorator.

The whole aim of Havenly is to simplify interior design and make it affordable for everyone.  Visitors to the Havenly website are first asked to take a brief style survey to assess their tastes.  Once Havenly determines your aesthetic preferences, you will be offered a choice of a few designers that will most likely suit your needs.  Once you have a designer and confirm that their portfolio matches your sensibilities, the real work can begin.

For a flat fee of $79 a room, your designer will develop two concept design boards with individualized furnishing suggestions for your space.  For $199 a room, you can get the full service package, which includes layout help, complete renderings of the room, and additional revisions to the design.


After you’ve decided on a look that suits your style and fits your budget, you can purchase the furniture through Havenly’s website directly from the manufacturer!  They also have a price match guarantee.  If you find an item at a cheaper price than Havenly has listed, they will match it.


With a satisfied base of customers, and an extensive online portfolio showing the professional quality of its designs, Havenly is aiming to change the way people think about interior design.


What was once only available for the most high-end clients is offered to many more. And designers, once confined to a relatively rigid apprenticeship-based model of professional development, are now empowered through technology to reach a more diverse clientele.


Get started with Havenly now!

Find your design style!

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  1. I absolutely loved the above pictures in the article. I can only dream of having such a beautiful house. The pictures are very inspiring. Thanks for the tips and ideas, I will definitely be looking around to incorporate some of those looks into my home.

  2. Interior designing has always been one of the must spectacular, but at the same time, one of the most expensive things ever. Everybody dreams with having such a well decorated house, but that costs a lot, indeed.

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