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10 Ways To Cool Your Home Without A/C

10 Ways To Cool your Home Without A/C by myCAREexpert
10 Ways To Cool your Home Without A/C by myCAREexpert


You can stay cool in the summertime, even without an air conditioner.  Here are 10 summer hacks to keep your home cool and comfortable.


Many areas are experiencing records heat this summer and it can be a challenge to stay cool without breaking the bank on the utility bill.  If you can’t get to a pool, waterpark, or air-conditioned café, here are a few tips to keep your home cool without turning on the a/c.



1. Keep The Curtains Closed

It may be tempting to let the summer sun flood your indoor space, but that’s also the fastest way to heat up your home.  Up to 30% of unwanted heat comes from your windows.  Pay special attention to east- and south-facing windows as they receive the most sun.  Try blackout curtains or heat reflective window film for rooms that tend to heat up easily.



2. Unplug Electronics

All of your gadgets, phones, appliances, tvs, computers, surge protectors, etc, are giving off a little bit of heat when they’re turned on.  Turning off electronics when not in use will help reduce heat accumulation in your home as well as help to reduce your electric bill.  It’s a good idea to completely unplug unused electronics and chargers as they can still draw some electricity even when not in use.


Fan Ice

3. Try A Fan Hack

There are several brilliant fan hacks on the internet that produce almost a/c-like results for minimal cost.  The absolute simplest method is to place a bowl of ice in front of a fan.  Voila!  Makeshift a/c.  If you're up for a little more DIY-action, try out these designs:





Bed Sheets

4. Change Your Linens

If your sheets aren’t seasonal, you’re doing it wrong.  Textiles can be excellent for heating you up or cooling you down, depending on the type.  Flannel and fleece is great for holding in heat for the winter, but in the summer you should opt for cotton as it breathes easier and doesn’t trap in as much heat.  If you’re a really hot sleeper, you can try moisture wicking sheets made out of tech fabrics used for athletic clothing.  These specially designed fabrics are breathable, quick-drying, and help to regulate temperature. 



5. Regulate Your Body Temperature

If you can’t control your environment, you can at least control your body.  Cold foods and drinks can help cool your body temperature and make the heat more bareable.  Iced beverages are easiest, and popsicles or flavored ice are great summer treats with minimal calories.  You can also hold ice cubes or a cold cloth on strong-pulsed areas like your neck and wrists to help cool yourself from the inside out.


Attic Fan

6. Remove Hot Air

Besides your typical house fans, exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathrooms can help to push the hot air out of your home.  An attic fan is another smart and inexpensive option that can help in cooling the whole house.


Curtains Blowing

7. Create Airways

Open windows and doors strategically to create airways and contain cool air.  Take advantage of cool temperatures in the evening and open doors and windows to create airflow and pull in fresh, cool air.  In the daytime, close windows and doors to keep cool air contained.


Light Bulb

8. Change Your Lightbulbs

If you’re still using incandencent light bulbs, not only are they inefficient, but they are also heating up your house.  Incandecent bulbs waste about 90% of their energy in heat.  Switch to CFL or compact fluorescent bulbs to save energy and reduce heat.



9. Fire Up The Grill

Cooking inside is like turning on the heater.  Transfer your cooking to your outdoor kitchen or barbecue.  You can cook just about anything on a grill!  Ask google, it knows.


Heat Loss

10. Add Insulation

If you’re willing to spend a little bit of money, your best bet for climate control is insulation.  The first thing to check is your roof and attic.  As much as 20% of your energy bill can be saved by good roof insulation.  Next, weatherproof all of your doors and seal any cracks around windows, baseboards, and doors.  If you still have room in your budget, energy efficient, double-paned windows offer much better insulation and climate control than single-paned windows.  Lastly, awnings and shade trees can provide sun relief and cool down your home.


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  1. Our AC decided to die about a month ago. It took about a week for the new one to come in. Its 98 degrees here, and it was MISERABLE. Wish i would have seen this sooner. Shared!

  2. The fan hack seemed to be so feasible and affordable. I would definitely try that out 🙂 This was very informative. I never knew that electronics and chargers drew some electricity even when not in use. Guess I learned something new today. Thanks!

  3. Really great tips. This year seems to have been especially hot compared to recent years, at least to my memory. These ideas will be a great help to combat the heat if this trend persists.

  4. I’ve never thought about unplugged electronics and chargers as a way to cool my home. You should unplug them anyway, though, because it wastes energy and you might see a different on your electric bill!

  5. I have used the old trick of placing a bowl of ice in front of the fan as mentioned above. I think it works a treat, it really seems to dramatically decrease the humidity in the air. I find it hard to breathe in the high humidity, and the ice trick helps everytime.

    1. I’ve also tried placing a bowl with ice in front of electric fan and find it very cheap and easy way of getting a cold breeze of air without the need of a aicondition unit. Thanks and more post to come.

  6. Those are some really good tips, especially for those who live in warm countries. I surely will send these tips to my cousins from Venezuela so they can enligthen their house’s warm. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Good ideas! I never like to cook in the heat, and I knew about the exhaust fan idea, but I’d never heard about the lightbulbs. Ice in front of a fan has never really worked for me, sadly. I do use ice packs to cool down, and sometimes I put one on my pillow or bed one hot nights. Popsicles are my personal favorite, especially the ones with real fruit or coconut water in them.

  8. In our house we only have one airconditioner unit in one small room. So the rest of the house is hot, we always open the windows and the door for the air to circulate to the house., i like the tip to cook outside rather than inside the house. Thanks for the excellent tips.

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