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Do you need a place to stay for the month of September?  Maybe a stay-cation near the beach to wind down the summer?  Then I have the perfect sublet for you!

Check out this adorable Spanish-style, 2-bedroom home in Mar Vista, which could be all yours from September 4 – September 30!


The house is light, airy and tastefully furnished with an eclectic shabby chic aesthetic. The living room, dining room and full kitchen are all one large open space leading out onto a deck and garden. It has a lovely indoor-outdoor feeling. 

Dining Room VerticalLiving Room Vertical

There is a full kitchen and one bathroom. The owner is an artist and there are many wonderful paintings and artistic touches in every part of the house both indoors and out.


Four large custom French doors lead out to a large deck with trees and a private garden and seating area where you can hear the birds singing all day long.


The quiet neighborhood has easy access to all parts of LA. This is a perfect house and location for a Southern California romantic getaway. You will be five minutes from the beach by car (15 minutes by bike), and walking distance to a wonderful health food store and many restaurants.


The famous chic part of Venice called Abbot Kinney is five minutes away.  There you will find trendy shops and well known restaurants.


RENT for the month: $3,600

If interested, contact

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17 Responses

  1. Wow, this sounds like my kinda vacation! I love how close to the beach it is, and it just looks homely and inviting! Makes me want to redecorate my house.

    1. It’s the best part if you’re mostly looking for a comfortable house where you can spend your weekends in, that’s definitely great!

  2. This is gorgeous! Mar Vista is a really nice area, too. I personally don’t need a sublet, but I will pass this on to some of my friends who might need a short-term place to stay.

  3. This house is gorgeous and the decor is so comforting and wholesome. It looks like the perfect place to spend a summer vacation. Love the Turkish carpets!

  4. It looks really nice, and the price is not bad at all compared to houses in my country. Seems like I will definitely have to save up some money and move to the LA land, seems like everything is way more affordable for latinos up there, thank you for sharing this, I will really take these articles into account when the moment of moving there comes up, thank you.

  5. Looks very cozy! I’m absolutely in love with the blue piece of art hanging in the living room. I may just have a stay here with my granddaughter when she gets out of prison.

  6. I think this place is absolutely gorgeous. It certainly has a charm about it. I’m looking in this area and its surrounds, so I’m happy to see the character that some places can have.
    Thanks a lot for this article, I will be sharing it with my friends.

  7. What a beautiful place! Quaint but not exactly cramped. I like the way it’s designed. It reminds me of a Mediterranean villa. The wooden furniture, the dark carpet, the understated abstract art on the wall – they all seem to fit together nicely. The cozy outdoor sofa set is giving me an idea too.

  8. I think that the photo of the couch in the backyard is really that anecdotal picture for me of life in California, and I am officially jealous. You just do not get that here, and it makes me really want to push ahead with time here and go on one our trips out there. Even the stepping stones look cool, and it sounds like a great place to stay and close to everything.

    1. I know your feeling brother, I really wish I could pay Cali a visit soon too. It’s a shame we cannot do all we want whenever we like to, indeed.

  9. This the most beautiful place I ever saw. No place could be better than this to spend your vacations. I really love this idea of creativity. It seems so beautiful scene where couches are placed in the yard. Kitchen has good placement and style is adorable. I would love to be at this place very next moment. I really want to appreciate the person who made this.

  10. This has art and artistic all over it. It seems very cozy, almost avant-garde. The best part for me is the design itself. I love that the whole house is connected as one. I don’t like closed off, small areas and this is the complete opposite. Very airy and free.

    The location is clearly perfect. I hate it when I rent a house or a flat and then see that the beach is almost an hour drive away. It makes me not want to go anymore.

    I can imagine it got rented out fast and you can definitely tell that the owner is a true artist.

  11. Wait! No bedroom? Or just no pictures of the bedroom…or bathroom? I think it’s important that those areas be shown as well. However, judging from what is shown the place looks lovely. I can just imagine myself sitting outside with my morning coffee, listening to the birds chirping and smelling the sea air. This would be a very popular AirBnB.

  12. I love everything about this rental! It all works together and I like decorating in shabby chic, so it works for me on all levels. I think that kitchen with the wall shelves is brilliant and creates storage that would probably be in short supply in a house this size otherwise.

    That outdoor seating area just begs for a party or BBQ gathering with friends, doesn’t it?! Or a really great novel.

    If I would need a vacation rental for a month, this type of thing would be so much better than a hotel or bed & breakfast. Our vacations are usually just two weeks, but I think I’d make an exception if I could stay here. 🙂

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