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Topanga Home Tour


Calling all nature lovers!  Check out this stunning Topanga estate!

Topanga is a nature-filled getaway from the concrete jungle.  Nestled in these Santa Monica mountains are unique and sometimes quirky homes that reflect the lifestyle of the community.

On Grand View Dr, Danny Elfman’s former abode is currently for sale.  The 3-bedroom, 4-bathroom home that was designed and constructed for the famed music producer boasts over 4,000 square feet and features a separate guest unit.



The three-story home has two living areas, each with their own fireplace, with lots of outdoor access and patios to incorporate the outdoors into the living space.




The master bedroom has its own wood-burning fireplace and sunken jacuzzi tub.  The master bedroom also connects to a huge closet and dressing area, as well as a rock-wall rain shower.





The grounds are one of the best features about the home.  The sale includes five parcel numbers for a combined total of over 32,000 square feet, complete with a natural year-round creek.

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Check out the virtual tour of this beautiful home!

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20 Responses

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love how they use the natural stone in the area in the walls and the decor. The inside has a very southwest “mission-style” feel to it, like a mission building near a cave. The landscaping is great, in part (in my opinion, anyway) because they went with the shape and feel of the land the house was on instead of fighting it. I especially love the little “thatched hut” attachment on the corner of the house. Nice touch!

  2. It definitely looks like one of those places you’d like to visit especially when you’re feeling depressed and stressed, for real. It actually looks like a very relaxing place, it would be a good thing to go there and spend some quiet hours, indeed. It looks really beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. The pergola – that just blew me away! During spring, flowers would make it look even more impressive. The house has a great interior but there’s also a minimalist touch to it. I like how every available space is being utilized. It’s just the right spacing – not too cramped and not to spacious. Just enough. I also like the fact that it’s ensconced in a forest-like area. It gives the feeling of happy isolation or being one with nature in a non-lonely way.

  4. The house seems to have a lot of earth tones in its color. Two living rooms seems like overkill, but this isn’t a house for regular folk, huh? It must have a hefty price, considering the rooms, outdoor space, and the inclusion of a creek in the property.

  5. Wow that is a great home. I hope nobody is out there saying that it is too quirky, as it said in the article, because I would take anything close to this. I am sure the price is way way up there, but oh well, I can still hope and dream. Maybe one day I can get in some place like that. I am sure the view is amazing too.

  6. Wow. This is really a beautiful house. I love how there is lots of access to the outdoors. And the master bedroom suite! I want that bedroom! It has everything. Amazing closet. Double shower. Fireplace. Sunken tub. Lots of stone and wood. If you and your spouse needed a romantic getaway you would just have to go to your bedroom! Love the fact that there are so many windows. I love having lots of natural light and being able to look out at all that greenery would be marvelous.

    1. It definitely is, the bedroom is really stunning, I couldn’t even believe it when I first saw it, for real. It’s a shame we have to save a lot of money to have a room like that.

  7. Wow, really nice article. This house is definitely my type! Loving the earthy style.

    My favourite would have to be the little picnic area with the fireplace and wooden benches. Imagine making a nice lunch and just sitting there with your friends and family on a sunday. So relaxing. Also the koi pond looks amazing. Props to the designer.

  8. that is a wonderful house. that bathroom is to die for. i’m not a fan of the outdoor color, but the greenary is wonderful, the openness inside is great, and i lover all of the stonework.

  9. What a beautiful, peaceful place. I love how they made the inside as rustic as the outdoors. The stone fireplaces are a wonderful touch, invoking a time long past when everything revolved around the “hearth” of the house. The only thing that gives me pause is the steep staircase going to the third level where the two bedrooms are located. This is not “age-friendly” to seniors so I don’t see growing old in this home but it sure would be great to raise a faimly.

  10. Wow, this place is really amazing. I am a nature lover. Interior is also very beautiful as the exterior. I would love to have this. This place is nice for a small family. Stones are giving an antique look. It seems like being in a royal place with a lot of happiness. I want to see this place in real life Can you tell me about its address and its cost?

  11. This kind of house is one of my dreams. Wow! It looks so cozy, big, and relaxing place. I’d like to bring my whole family and live there ( wishful thinking ). Thanks for this post. I hope to see more amazing houses.

  12. That just blew me away! I loved all the details of the house, especially the concept they use. Its obvious how everything was really thought out. I could just imagine how great it would be to just lounge out on that outdoor space when one needs to focus or just chill out. It’s also a right size house for me, not too big nor small, that a family can still bond with each other, and still have their private space. Plus, that fireplace its just really beautiful. I don’t know why, but it really caught my attention, makes me want to put one at my house.

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