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Historical Mills Act Pasadena Home Tour


Take a look inside one of the Mills Act historical homes in Pasadena, California!

This exquisite home is located in the exclusive gated community of Alta San Rafael in Pasadena, CA.  The 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom historical home designed by Paul Williams is perched at the top of a private road and boasts breathtaking views from all areas of the home.

The home is under a Mills Act contract, and the current owner has preserved the original character of this Spanish-style home, built in 1929.  The vintage details of this home are what make it exceptional.  Ornate ceilings adorn the foyer, living room and dining room.  Take note of the ironwork, custom doors, and architectural details throughout.

The grand living room features high ceilings, fireplace, balconies, hardwood floors, and views for entertaining in style.  The formal dining room is private and elegant, perfect for high-class dinner parties.  The home features a live-in maid’s quarters with it’s own private entrance.

This home is an architectural gem of Pasadena.  They don’t make them like this anymore!

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12 Responses

  1. While the home is definitely a beautiful building, the tiles in the bathroom are less so. The blue and yellow tiles seem out of place, odd in a home like this. Otherwise, the place is brilliant especially the ceilings of the rooms. What’s the maid’s quarters like? Is just a smaller room or is it unused by the current owner?

  2. I so dearly want to live in a beautiful house like this one day. Something big, luscious, and pristine. A dining room with a giant chandelier like that, sofas framed with wood, carpets galore would all be welcome in a home, and what you’re showing here is just splendid. A roomy and welcome bathroom, a bedroom with it’s own couch. I’d love it so much.

  3. Ye, I also wonder how much a house like that costs? the price has to be sky high.

    It’s absolutely beautiful though.. I love the spanish style and vibe. Makes you feel like you’re actually in Spain. The little touches, like the flower pattern on the sink in the bathroom (5th picture) is what makes this house one of a kind.

    Sadly we don’t have houses like this around where I live 🙂

  4. Wow! It’s like my dream house. I love the looks and decorations of the pasadena house. It looks elegant and spacious given it’s a 4 bedroom house. It’s ‘

    1. I accidentally hit the add comment button, I’m sorry. There is no edit option in the comment section. Please make an option to edit the our comment.I will continue my post.

      Its spanish design dated way back 1929 is very beautiful and elegant. I want to see it personally. The furniture also looks elegant and very durable.

  5. This house is shoes that traditional and modern style architecture together can actually really work. The green and yellow tiles used for the bathrooms could be little weird the first time you see it, but you get to appreciate its freshness and appeal to the eyes as you look at it closer. For me, the best thing other than the beautiful view you get to see from this house, is the ornate ceiling. I absolutely love it!

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