How To Buy A Fixer

Need a heavily discounted property?  Try a fixer-upper!  But know what you’re getting into ahead of time…

Airbnb Brings In New Billions

  Airbnb is not a small startup that can be casually dismissed.  It’s a snowball, now almost the size of the hotel industry.   AirBnB might not have all that much to worry about after all.  New partnerships with travel management companies and even airlines are solidifying the company’s longevity in the vacation rental industry.  […]

LA AirBnB Lawsuits

  Lawsuits are beginning to emerge in Los Angeles county as city officials crack down on unlawful short-term rental properties.   Several California communities have recently passed legislation aimed at managing the short-term rental market, particularly as offered by sites such as AirBnB. Anaheim has banned short-term rentals altogether. Many landlords have continued to operate […]

LA Rental Rights

    Los Angeles, along with several other densely-populated California communities, have been facing a housing crisis, particularly due to lack of affordable rental units.  Over 1,000 rent controlled units were removed from the Los Angeles market in 2015, displacing thousands of residents.  In response to the crisis, Mayor Eric Garcetti, along with the Los […]

Demand Wanes For Luxury Homes

  A surplus in the market of high-end homes may mean big deals for homebuyers.   The U.S. has seen a growth in inventory of high-priced homes.  Homes for sale between $500,000-$750,000 rose 15.9% in March compared to the same time last year, according to the National Association of Realtors®.  Homes over $1 million rose […]

Wire Fraud Warning For Homebuyers

  The threat of wire fraud is real.  Find out how to identify home buying scams and protect your money from scammers.   In our ever-advancing hi-tech society, much of our information is shared online and via email.  Real estate transactions are no exception, with electronic signatures and online wire transfers becoming the norm.  As […]

What Brexit Means For U.S. Real Estate

Britain’s vote to exit the European Union may have positive consequences for the U.S. real estate market.   It’s still business as usually even after the recent Brexit vote 2 weeks ago.  Economists are still uncertain of both the short-term and long-term affects of the U.K. seceding from the E.U.  But some speculation suggests this […]

The LUVE Initiative Will Hit The Ballot This November

  Santa Monica residents will be voting on the Land Use Voter Empowerment (LUVE) initiative in the next election that would place severe restrictions on new development projects.   Santa Monica is well known for its opposition to tall, dense buildings and rapid growth.  SaMo councilmembers have a strong reign on development in the area […]

Features That Sell A Home Fast

  Does your home have what it takes to attract buyers for a quick sale?   Experts predict that 2016 will be a true seller’s market, as we have already seen for the first half of the year.  But that doesn’t mean that just any old house will sell for top dollar prices.  Most homes […]

Exposing Filthy Tenants

  How landlords are fighting back against the world's grosses tenants!   Sometimes tenants really don’t care about maintaining the condition of a property, as some landlords have found out the hard way.  A new Facebook page called Disgusting Renters is allowing landlords to fight back against filthy tenants and vent frustrations over renters who […]