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Get Paid To Save Energy

Get Paid to Save Energy by myCAREexpert
Get Paid to Save Energy by myCAREexpert


A new program will pay consumers for their energy-saving practices!


Although Earth Day is only official one day a year, there are many things we can do appreciate and protect the earth in our daily lives.  Now, you can even get paid for earth-friendly practices! 


Depending on your total energy use, you could earn up to $300 per year from OhmConnect simply by saving energy in your home for just one hour per week.  OhmConnect has made saving energy even easier by automating energy savings with your smart devices or electric vehicles, reducing your energy usage without even lifting a finger!


As climate change threatens our environment, it is more important than ever to combat it at every level.  Even if you already recycle and water save, there are more steps you can take to help your local community and the world at large.


Carbon emissions contribute to climate change more than anything else, and electricity consumption is one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions.  By reducing electricity consumption at strategic times, we can have a greater impact on carbon emission reduction.


During peak hours, the “grid” experiences a surge in usage, and is forced to draw energy from outdated power plants that release far more carbon emissions that regular power plants – sometimes up to 10x more!  The more energy used during peak hours, the more carbon emissions from these plants, and the worse it is for the environment.


But here’s the good news: you can help reduce your electricity consumption at peak hours, and even get paid to do it!  OhmConnect will notify you when energy savings are needed, and you can contribute to a cleaner planet. 


Check out the video and infographics below for more details, and visit to sign up!





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  1. My mom definitely should get paid for saving energy since every time I go to her house the lights are off and it really looks like a sort of cave, for real. I’ll start paying her, jk.

  2. That really sounds like a great deal, and just the title alone is enough to really get me excited. I figure it pays to save energy anyways, so might well take advantage even more.

  3. Wow this really sounds great and practical. Its a great idea for the consumers to save energy every week, one hour a week to the least. I will research more on this if it is available here in our place. Thanks to this wonderful information!

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