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10 Renter Remodel Ideas

10 Renter Remodel Ideas by myCAREexpert
10 Renter Remodel Ideas by myCAREexpert

If you are a renter and want to add some personality to your home, or a homeowner remodeling on a tight budget, here are 10 ideas that will upgrade your living space.


Many renters are understandably reluctant to spend money on home improvement features, and it can take homeowners years to save up for remodeling projects.  Even if your living situation is temporary or you are remodeling on a budget, don’t let that inspire a case of improvement paralysis.  There are several things you can do to freshen up your home, and the investment can even travel with you to your next abode!


Kitchen Faucet

A new and improved kitchen faucet is the easiest way to perk up a boring kitchen.  The faucet is one of the main tools in the kitchen and you will thank yourself daily for this upgrade.  Pick a new faucet for the sink that’s a true statement piece!

contemporary-kitchen-faucets kitchen-pull-down-faucet-1 royal-line-touchless-kitchen-faucet

How to replace your kitchen faucet DIY instructions


Shower Head

There’s nothing worse than a poor shower head.  Not only does it affect your shower enjoyment, but it could also be wasting water.  Replacing your outdated shower head will look and feel better and new low-flow designs can help save water. 

Find the best shower head

How to replace your shower head


Window Coverings

Curtains are an obvious style booster, but it’s also pretty easy – and totally reversible – to install new blinds, shades, or window film on your windows.

CI-MP_Donna-coffee-sack-curtains_h.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.616.462 stylish-window-coverings-with-asian-influence decor-Window-Treatments-For-Sliding-Doors-
kitchen-stencil-ideas_4x3.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.960 window-coverings-freshome31 Green-Flutterby-Butterfly-Pattern-Window-Film_EL_27mar13_PR_bt_646x646


Cabinet Handles & Pulls

Such a simple thing can make a huge difference.  Find new cabinet hardware that fits your taste and add some style to your home!  Make sure your new hardware will fit the existing holes, and swap out all the handles for your kitchen cabinets and drawers, bathroom storage, and even your furniture!

796accad2235bcad2b7e5dd32131e803 img_4805 creative-idea-for-cozy-diy-handles-for-kitchen-cabinets

Find cabinet handles and pulls

How to upgrade your cabinet hardware


Light Fixtures

This is the place to splurge.  A room’s light source can easily be a focal point and a design imperative.  A good light fixture will set the lighting ambience for a room and compliment the overall aesthetic of your home.  Light fixtures can transfer from home to home and are well worth the investment.

6d19f257fda244ff92288b6c430f0724 dining-room-lighting-ideas-with-unique-chandeliers-in-dining-room-chandeliers-dining-room-chandeliers wonderful-white-brown-wood-glass-stainless-unique-design-interior-kitchen-living-room-chandelier-pendant-round-shape-lamp-wood-floor-white-sofa-at-livingroom-as-well-as-dining-room-lighting-plus-iron

How to change a light fixture


Programmable Thermostat

Every home should have a programmable thermostat to be able to control your heat and cooling around the clock.  New devices, such as Nest, allow additional control and greater ease in controlling the climate of every place you live.  Properly managing your home’s temperature will save money on your energy bill and contribute to a cleaner environment.

How to install a programmable thermostat

How to install NEST thermostat


Pull-Out Shelves

Have you been dreaming of a highly functional kitchen where you can see what’s piled in the dark back recesses of your cabinets?  Here the DIY solution you’re looking for!  Install drawers in your lower cabinets for extending cabinet drawers.

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Where to buy pull-out shelves

How to convert cabinets into pull-out shelves


Toilet Paper Holder

Often forgotten, a sturdy and attractive toilet holder is one of life’s little joys.  If yours is flimsy and plastic or placed awkwardly in the room, it’s time for an upgrade.

4140_3 Hickory-Manor-House-Acanthus-Free-Standing-Toilet-Paper-Holder-HM9812-VA

Find an attractive toilet paper holder


Toilet Seat

Again, the bathroom is kind of an important room.  A new seat can cost as little as $10 and can replace your current thin, ugly, discolored seat.  Replacement is simple, and you will enjoy it daily!

How to replace a toilet seat


Light Switches and Power Outlets

Attention to detail these details can improve a whole room’s appearance.  Adding a dimmer to your lights or a modern outlet with USB integration will look great and improve your home’s functionality.

electrical outlet 506b10dd74c5b64b05001305._w.1500_s.fit_

How to replace an electrical outlet

How to install a dimmer switch

How to install a USB outlet


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  1. I love this list! We are currently renting and before moving in we had the carpet professionally cleaned since we had a crawling baby.. Then, we changed the light switch covers and replaced all the knobs in the bathroom. We had a toilet seat that we brought when we moved (it was only two weeks old).

    1. Well done on your part to baby proof the house a little bit before you got in there. I know that we missed this step when we were moving around, so nicely done.

  2. I was never sure if it was just a weird habit of mine to always have to fix the lights at any new place or new room that I get. This just makes me feel a little bit more normal about that, so that is always nice to hear.

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